Moving to Dance Foundry

Moving to Dance Foundry

The Thursday classes are moving at Dance Foundry as of Nov 30! The bright, spacious studio on Ponce across from the Dekalb Farmer's Market is only 1 mile from the our space on N Decatur.



What do I wear to class?

Leggings and a tank top or sports bra is standard class attire. Hip scarves are optional. Some students like to wear ballet slippers, socks, or footies to ease pivoting and spinning.

Where is class held?

The Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta has moved to Sukha Artist Development Studios @ 3041 North Decatur Rd Decatur, GA 30079 Click here for a picture of the building and a map!

Who teaches the classes?

  • Longest continually running classes in the Atlanta area.
  • Teaches workshops throughout the US and Internationally since 1998
  • Developed professional level improvisational style Orientale Tribal Style (OTS)
  • Suhaila Level 1 and Jamila Level 1 Certified from the Salimpour School of Dance
  • Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome informs her dance journey and teaching
  • General Skills Certified from Fat Chance Belly Dance
  • Began studying bellydance since 1991, from before there was a genre called Tribal
  • Founded professional dance company, Awalim, in 1999. It continues to evolve and aims to set a high standard for polished, theatrical performance.
  • Ziah Ali, Director of Awalim Dance Company, is an internationally recognized Tribal belly dance performer, coach, community builder, and event producer who has studied this dance form for 27 years. Her dynamic style is technically complex, historically informed, musically sensitive, and keeps the pure joy of bellydance front and center in every performance. She has watched the Tribal Bellydance Community unfold throughout the world, starting with the Urban Primitive and Feminist cultures in the US and seeping into all aspects of bellydance throughout the world.

    Who is the Awalim Dance Company?

    Awalim Dance Company has been performing stage shows since 1999. We are a unique twist on bellydance, full of beautiful fabrics, interesting music, many props, and joyful dancers. This is entertainment at its best. We also have live bands available to accompany us.
    The Awalim Dance Company takes their name from the term ‘Awalim which is the plural of ‘Alima. This term applied to female singers and dancers who performed only for women in the Ottoman aristocratic households (Rodinson, 1975). These women were educated in the dance and music arts of the Middle East and were entertainers for the upper class.
    Taking from our historical name, the members of the Awalim Dance Company are equally educated in the music, dance, and history of our art form. Awalim’s goal is to not only pursue excellence in dance but to create a community of dancers with similar passion towards our art form that will work together to create unique choreographies and polished performances.

    Perform with us!

    Atlanta Tribal Cafe, ATS gigs, Choreographies, Parades, Stage Shows, and more! Awalim and our students perform at all these things! Ziah was trained in bellydance during an age in America where even restaurant work was done on a stage with live music. After this era faded, she grew tired of trying to shoehorn that training into the current restaurant gig world of touring tables, no bands, and absence of presentation of the dancer as a starring artist at the venue… not to mention a lack of creative freedom in music and costuming. Awalim performs and creates interesting gigs and wants you to join them!

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    • Weekly Classes

      Check out our Weekly classes in beginner Bellydance, ATS, Tribal Fusion, Choreographies and Fitness classes for Dancers of all types.

    • Shows

      Atlanta Tribal Cafe Monthly Shows, TribalCon Shows, and other performances by the Awalim Dance Company!

    • Workshop Instruction

      Ziah and the Awalim Dance Co travel all over the world to teach! Check out the workshop topics!

    Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta

    Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta

    Longest running Weekly Classes in the Atlanta area! International Workshops, Study Workbooks, Private Lessons via Skype or in Person. Ziah has been a full time dance teacher, promoter, performer, and workshop teacher for over 15 years. These experiences, plus her 25 years plus of study, have formed her teaching and directing style.