Dance is for Every BODY

Tribal Bellydance is an extremely body friendly dance form for all ages plus it creates a great community! Ziah has the longest continually running bellydance classes in the Atlanta/Decatur area. 

"You are one of my biggest heroes around promoting a healthy vision of body image. You have done so much around the evolution, art and tradition of belly dance. I love that in the shows, there are beautiful women of all shapes, ages, and sizes. Since the mid-late 90’s, I always leave your shows feeling inspired and in awe of the human body and how each person is perfectly made. Seeing people comfortable and confident in their own skin is so awesome, having lived in the same dysmorphia for so many years that you mention. Feeling grateful, healthy, and honoring our real selves and how we are created is the ultimate gift, but definitely not easy in this society. I am glad that you are putting (the topic of body dysmorphia) out here for us to really think about and encourage our daughters to love themselves no matter what industry is communicating." ~Shana DeLuca, Atlanta, GA