All 3 Summer Mini-shops with Majda Anwar

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Due to her corporate work schedule, Majda will pause weekly classes for the summer, but is excited to offer a summer mini-shop series!! Join Majda for three 3-hour mini-shops in May, June and July.

Shimmy Stamina Sunday, May 21 1-4pm

  • Ever have trouble keeping your shimmies even? In this class we'll drill exercises to help you develop beautiful even shimmies no matter the footwork or the layering! P.S. We'll even do the running man trick seen in Majda's drum solos! Shimmy Stamina will be at the current location 2861 Henderson Mill Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341 

Musical Madness Sunday, June 25 NOON - 3pm!! Due to Tribal Cafe at 5pm at Plaka

  • How does she do that? It's not a secret sauce, it's music principals! Learn about the elements of music such as meter, tempo, timbre and dynamics and how you can apply them to your choreography and improvisation. 

Smothered and Covered Sunday, July 16 1-4pm

  • In this class, get ready to get ooey gooey! Majda will have combos that range from a classic Arabic style to fusion that all have one thing in common: so smothered and smooth you'd swear you were dipped in honey. 

All workshops at the Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta