Beginner Class w/ Ziah 7:30-8:30pm Thrs

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An introduction to bellydance movement. Through the Awalim Format the student will be introduced to terminology of bellydance moves, their history, and ways to travel with them. These are bellydance moves with no style associated with them, just the basics that all styles of bellydance use. No previous dance experience necessary. Highly recommended as the starting place at our Center to learn the Roots of this dance form.

A word to people new to bellydance… You are allowed to drop into the Beginner Bellydance anytime but please give yourself a few classes to determine if you like bellydance. Don’t expect your body and brain to obey you the first few times out, give yourself a little leeway with at least 4 or 5 classes to settle in and get used to this new thing you are asking of yourself.