ATS® Multilevel Class- Wednesdays 8-9PM

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For those that know about chorus work, and formations in the format/dance language of Improvisational Choreography called ATS® (American Tribal Style)..

What is ATS®? It is a improvisational format for bellydancers to dance as a group and has become a fun social dance at Tribal belly dance festivals in the Southeast. While this is not a new concept in dance it was introduced to bellydance by Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance. This was labeled “Tribal” to indicate that the dancers generally danced in ethnic styled costumes and performed as a group. It is also the basic foundation for most Tribal Fusion Bellydance! Standard Fat Chance Belly Dance plus Awalim’s format will be covered.

Click Here for the Student Resource Video ATS Info Page